Who we are.

At TeraBhyte, we know that having to stay up-to-date with latest technologies to support your business needs could be burdensome and worrisome, that is why we have taken up that burden as our own core competence with helping you with all your IT needs while you stay focused on your own core competences. It is not just about having IT solutions to support your IT needs but a dedicated strategy to align with your business needs. Why have a box in the first place to think out of when we can provide you every solution and avenue in your business, including Strategy, Brand Development / Brand Expansion, Software (Web, Mobile & Desktop) and Marketing & Content Development / Management so as to ensure that your brand continues to grow - strategically, creatively and globally.
Our slogan ‘a glocal company’: glocal is a colloquial acronym and economic term for both a global and local company represnts us being a global company with local presence, we have the global experience and we would adapt this locally to contents to suit the needs of the environment where we and your business operates. We believe that brands need to move along with technology and the technology of NOW is the internet. With our vast experience in IT and its usability, we can help your brand harness the power of the Internet and IT by combining both Strategy and Infrastructure to transform the way you do your business and brand processes, the way you think, feel and behave. We believe that the power of the Internet can help brands and businesses grow in ways that can never be imagined to go to places no one has gone before. Together with our partners, who are leading industry giants, TeraBhyte is committed to address your needs, as well as the needs of the industry in the friendliest, professional and efficient way.

What we do.

As Technopreneurs™, we strive to create, develop and help you utilize latest IT Solutions that not only help you get things done faster and quicker, but also connect with customers. It's not just about establishing an identity as it is about making it as human as possible. It's not just about upholding principles as it is about building integrity and faith. This is why we believe in communicating ideas that empathise with feelings and emotions. By creating a universal brand that connects with peoples' beliefs and personal conceptions, we are not only developing an identity for you - we are taking it to the next level including brand development, advertising, media placement to brand expansion. That is the core value of being Technopreneurs™ and our promise to you.

Our Core.

Our Mission

To deliver distinctive IT solutions to our customers by combining Strategy, exquisite Branding capabilities, Technology and Industry Leadership with a complete focus on satisfying customer’s short and long term requirements. Our aim is to continuously meet the expectations of our customers, employees and stakeholders by providing quality, timely and cost effective value-added solutions from world class vendors, through excellent service delivered by highly trained and motivated people.

Our Vision

To become one of the premier ICT solution providers in Africa and Asia Region, delivering best-of-breed, world-class technology, products and services which offer our customers both a competitive edge and value for money throughout Asia and Africa and in the near future to branch into telecommunications.

Our Philosophy

In a fast-paced world where information is the key to success. Useful and insightful information coupled with visualization of this information will be your cutting edge over others. TeraBhyte will help meet your Information technology needs in words, visuals and in deeds, that is our commitment to a globalized, ever changing market space.

Our Culture

TeraBhyte believes in leading by example through learning, collaboration, innovation and increasing the effectiveness of our interactions with our customers, suppliers, vendors and our business environment. Our team is highly empowered to differentiate ourselves by increasing our productivity through a complex mixture of team innovation, problem solving and information exchange.

Our Success

Is measured by our ability to create a portfolio of unique and high value-added solutions that appeal to a broad, regional market; complete solutions capable of changing established business models. TeraBhyte will continue to implement these solutions reliably with high levels of expertise and professionalism, and our focus on customer satisfaction delivers a competency based trust that turns customers into long term, referencable accounts.

Our People

Without the great people and partners, all the above cannot come into play.With our energetic, passionate and dedicated team, TeraBhyte ensures that your needs are met with only the best and most creative minds in the industry. Keeping in step with the latest ideas and technologies, our team aligns your brand with current trends to establish its own following. Change starts small, but we turn big ideas into real ones.

Our Services.

IT & Web Solutions

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Consulting & Strategy

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Design, Graphics & Illustration

Your ideas need to be comunicated in visually appealing ways, this is why content and design matters and gives you that.. .

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Digital & Interactive

TeraBhyte facilitates creative Explainer and Corporate Videos that are exciting, moving and powerful, attracting attention ...

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Every brand tells a story and our mission is to present that experience to the world in the most colourful, clear and captivating form ...

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Interior Design

With our experience in South East Asia, we bring you interior design to make your space look adorable...

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Marketing & Advertising

Your products and services need to meet the right people at the right time. TeraBhyte's expertise in this arena ...

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Packaging & Publishing

Your products and services need a face to them which anyone can get to see and this further exposes your business.. .

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