Our Services.

IT & Web Solutions

We help our CLIENTS in finding the right I.T SOLUTIONS for OPTIMIZING their BUSINESS. This is achieved by working closely with them to nail down only the required requirements and our team of I.T specialist is always available in giving full support to making your I.T problems become a thing of the past.
IT Process Outsourcing
We will help you manage your (non-core) business processes(IT), allowing you more freedom to specialize, innovate and pursue excellence in your own core competences. We can help you manage and maintain both new and legacy applications to help you capitalize on business and technology opportunities. Our professional IT services include but not limited to:

  1. Software /Application Development (Web/Desktop/Mobile)
  2. Web development and web presence management
  3. Multimedia Development
  4. Technical consultancy
  5. Ecommerce Solutions
  6. Online Video
  7. Online Production and Design
  8. Social Media Campaigns- Facebook Connect & Facebook Pages, Twitter
  9. Blog Creation & Management
  10. Supplies of I.T products & equipment

Consulting & Strategy

Our services are only as good as our core values. TeraBhyte uses Blue Ocean Strategy which is based on our business philosophies in providing strong, effective and professional Strategic Management services. By collaborating with Blue Ocean Strategy, we are able to not only help our clients build and develop their brands, but also break into the international market, as well as expand their businesses globally. Blue Ocean Strategy is the systematic pursuit of new market and new demand creation through the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and lower cost. It is called Blue Ocean because it is about creating unknown market space where companies do not compete head-to-head against the competition but rather out compete them by creating new markets where no competition exists. While innovation is seen as random / experimental process, BOS provides a systematic and reproducible methodology and process to pursue innovation for both new and existing firms. Essentially, BOS consists of three key conceptual building blocks :

  1. Value Innovation
  2. Tipping Point Leadership
  3. Fair Process

Together with Blue Ocean Strategy, we study the connection between brands, products, and people to create TeraBhyte that shape your businesses. This way, you can rest assured that you will always be one step ahead of the competition. Our Consulting Services include but not limited to;

  1. Project Management
  2. Marketing Strategy and Planning
  3. Content Strategy
  4. Brand Strategy
  5. Business Strategy
  6. IT Strategy
  7. Operations Support
  8. Administration Support

Digital & Interactive

Like the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, so also is a video worth a million words, expanding your business and brand requires investment and interest from other parties. TeraBhyte facilitates this by developing creative Explainer and Corporate Videos that are exciting, moving and powerful, attracting attention and awareness to potential customers and investors. With Explainer videos, your products and services are showcased in ways that puts a realistic visual into the minds of your prospective customers. Our Digital & Interactive Solutions include :

  1. Explainer Videos
  2. Corporate Videos
  3. Motion Graphics
  4. Product / Portfolio Showcase
  5. Montage for Awards, Dinners e.t.c
Product Showcase using Motion Sensing       | Explainer Video for the Open-Source Academy

Marketing & Advertising(Digital)

Your products and services need to meet the right people at the right time. TeraBhyte's expertise in this arena follows an agressive marketing campaign to help promote and sell your products and services. We work with you to create digital marketing campaigns and advertising materials that aligns with your brand and customers. We recognize that no two buyers in today's marketspac think the same way which prompts us to create personalized and targeted marketing contents to help reach prospective customers. Therefore we strive to use the best digital and print advertising to market your products and services to a broad audiance. Our Digital Marketing & Advertising services are not limited to;

  1. Search/Social Marketing (Google,Facebook,Bing, Youtube etc)
  2. Website & Social Media Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter etc)
  3. Social Media Campaigns(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  4. Blog/Website Advertising
  5. Online Production & Design
  6. Adwords / Adsense

Print, Publishing & Packaging

We understand the importance of print in this age of digital. We create stunning materials and content for Print, Publising and Packaging in ways that shows the value of your products and services. Our Print, Publishing & Packaging Services are not limited to:

  1. Name card / business card
  2. Signage, sign board
  3. Letterhead, envelope, notepad
  4. Company year book, calendar
  5. Restaurant menu
  6. Box cover, CD cover
  7. Paper bag
  8. Product packaging
  9. Book cover, booklet
  10. Magazine cover
  11. Advertisement Page


Every brand tells a story, and at TeraBhyte our mission is to present that experience to the world in the most colourful, clear and captivating form. By understanding the importance of branding and its role in transforming lives, we seek to express the brand in the most consistent, precise, and unique manner. We strive to create an effective, positive and distinguishing image that is not only visual, but also emotional - inspiring respect, trust and loyalty, while touching the hearts and the minds of people.
Brand Identity Management
At TeraBhyte, we pride ourselves for being creative visionaries and strategic planners. We put energy, heart and soul into our ideas to give them life so that people will be able to experience them to the fullest. That is why we conduct research, analyze and study different ways that our clients can build and develop a holistic brand experience, so that every program we offer you is specifically tailored according to your needs.
Our Branding Packages
BIM Silver
Developed specially for starters in the business, BIM Silver is designed to help clients establish a consistent corporate identity, standardizing their branding and structuring their core to make them individuals among other organizations.
A management program for Small-Medium Enterprises that seek to develop their image and build on an already stable business platform for further growth. With BIM SME, clients are able to enhance their position within the business network comprising other similar organizations, gaining greater reach.
For those who want to take it further, BIM Pro is conceived to innovate and reinvent the way your brand thinks and affects human behavior. By collaborating with Blue Ocean Strategies and other media companies, we study your business model to develop specialized plans that will put your brand and organization at the top of the game.

Design, Graphics & Illustration

With great design comes greater exposure. TeraBhyte is a world apart when it comes to design, graphics & illustration. We move your ideas into reality by creating creative, stunning and awesome graphics and illustration that empathize with your customer base. Our Design, Graphics & Illustration services are not limited to;

  1. Business Documents(name card / business card,letterhead, envelope, notepad,company year book, calendar)
  2. Graphic design for web or print
  3. Artwork illustration
  4. 3D Model creation
  5. Product Illustration & Design
  6. Banner, brochure, catalog, flyer
  7. Bunting, sticker, newsletter
  8. Greeting/ invitation card / Postcard
  9. Billboard, poster

Interior Design

With our experience in South East Asia, we bring you interior design to make your space look adorable. Be it home or office. We combine the African finesse with Asian twist to give your space a face lift.

  1. Interior Design
  2. Space Consultancy
  3. Space Management
  4. Space Redesign

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